Halloween: 4 Days later

It feels like Halloween has lasted for like 3 weeks, which I kinda love.  My favorite part of Halloween is definitely costumes.
For my first costume this year, I was Joan Harris/Holloway from “Mad Men” and my boyfriend was Don Draper. We both loved the costumes because we were comfortable, warm, and looked nice without looking stupid. And it was obviously a costume still.  Although, I did have two people ask if I was dressed as a Republican – hahahahah.
Anyway, Joan (played by Christina Hendricks) is a hottie with a body. Seriously. The girl rocks like double Ds, a tiny waist, a big booty, and flaming red hair and lips. I have the red hair naturally, an average physique and red lipstick, so what the hell – let’s do this.
I went Goodwill hunting and scored big time. I found an AWESOME Draper suit, which actually turned out to be a really nice brand, so Kurt will now keep it forever. It also was his size exactly, which was grrrrreat. He wore that suit with a white button up and black tie and we put so much gel in his hair, that pushed back ‘do wouldn’t have even DREAMED of moving.
For me, I found a little black dress (with shoulder pads), that was Joan worthy. I also got an old red purse that looks like one she has on the show. I paired it with some black peep-toe satin pumps and pearl earrings I already had. I also bought a little elephant brooch because it was the only brooch left at the store and I needed one to be Joan.

This is why people thought I was republican. Hilarious.

Then, the pen necklace. This is where the DIY really came in. Joan wears this fabulous gold pen necklace. See it here.  I HAD to have this necklace. Besides her curves, it’s one of the main identifying factors of her character! I decided to make it, and I had ALL the supplies at home! I ended up taking a gold chain from a necklace I don’t wear very much anymore. Then, I found an old pen that didn’t have ink in it since I didn’t want it to get on me. This pen was silver (and from a past internship – holla Greenville CVB!) and it is definitely my fav pen of all time because it’s so cute and miniature. It was perfect. I painted it gold with acrylic paint and put it on the chain through the clip on the pen. Seriously, the easiest DIY ever and it looked awesome. Also, I can now re-use the chain without prying a pendant off! I read about another DIY if you want a more permanent solution here, but for a one-night costume, this was perfect.

This is in the stages of painting, but it really was that easy.

I did my own hair, which took me about 45 minutes. It was a beehive twist type thing that required a lot of teasing, hairspray, and bobby pins. (40 bobby pins to be exact. I counted.) I’m actually planning on wearing my hair like that again for an event. I loved it.
Then finally. it was actual Halloween! Originally I was going to be Ariel from “Little Mermaid” (really putting my red-headed assets to work this year), but it was FREEZING and I didn”t think I’d survive in a little dress. So due to inability to survive in temperatures under 65 degrees without a parka or something, I was Sandy from Grease. BAD DECISION. The costume was cute and easy enough (black skinny jeans, red heels, black top, black belt, red lipstick- all which I already had), but more than one person said “too soon” to me, which I didn’t understand at all until a friend of mine clued me in that they were referencing Hurricane Sandy. Oops? I felt bad for like 2 seconds and then didn’t anymore because I obviously wasn’t trying to dress up as a terrible natural disaster on PURPOSE.
Also, this is totally off topic, but I HATE when people diss girls for dressing scandalously on Halloween. DUDE. It’s HALLOWEEN.  While we were out, I passed a girl who was muttering under her breath about all the “skanks” this year. Girlfriend, these are your people. You should be glad that the girls have the common sense to dress like this only around Oct 31 and not every day of their lives! I will admit, some girls take it a little TOO far (possibly even myself in the past), but don’t hate on betches who can pull it off and look good! As Caty Heron said on Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” – HONOR THE CODE.
So I hope everyone had a great  Halloween! And to all the people in the northeast dealing with Sandy, we’re thinking about you! ( And I promise I didn’t dress up as THAT Sandy)

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