Blue Moon Chicken Tacos


I had no clue what to make for dinner last night but knew I wanted to make chicken and I wanted to use my crock pot. I ended up using this recipe for Crockpot Cheddar Beer Chicken Tacos. The reason I chose this is because I have Blue Moon on hand and I know how tender and moist meat gets when you cook with beer. I altered it a little by adding chopped onion and salsa to the crock pot itself. I didn’t have cumin or chili powder on hand and so I was hoping the salsa would even it all out a little. I also added a little more beer and about half a cup of water to make sure there was enough fluid so the meat wouldn’t dry out. I only used two chicken breasts because the ones I have are about the size of 2 each, so I think I probably have the same amount of meat total that this lady used.  I threw my chicken breasts in frozen, knowing they’d take a little longer, and forgot about them!

When my boyfriend was on the way home, I asked him to pick up taco seasoning and I threw that in with the chicken for about 30 minutes, which turned out to be enough, but if you have it, put it in for the whole time.

These tacos were SO good! So easy too! I heard that Blue Moon is a little tricky to cook with because the beer is actually good (lol) and that using cheap beer is someitmes better, but we loved it! And we had leftovers, which is always a plus for a recipe. Make it!


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