Chicken and Rice CATASTROPHE


I MIGHT be freaking out a little right now….I decided to make chicken and rice casserole tonight, which I’ve never made, and so I found this recipe. It looks amazing and I’m sure it was delicious because just look at those ingredients.

ANYWAYS, so I didn’t have cream of celery because I didn’t even know that existed, so I just chopped up some celery and added a little bit more milk to make up for fluid amount, and OMG it’s all over-flowing. It was pretty high when I put it in the oven, but I was like eh whatever, but then I REMEMBERED THAT RICE EXPANDS. So I scooped some liquid out, but then all this butter came cascading down the oven door (hence the dirty window) and now it’s terrible.

Staaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhpppp grooooooooooooowwwwwwwwing!

I mean, chicken shrinks when it cooks, so maybe it will even out the growing monster in my oven right now? I can’t even deal right now. I am switching between wanting to cry and hysterical laughing. Welcome to my life.

UPDATE: It’s getting worse. I just took it out to check on it and put some cheese on it, and it is DANGEROUSLY close to completely pouring over the top. Fingers crossed people. And toes. And eyes.

UPDATE 2: It overflowed everywhere! I called my mom like every reasonable adult. She told me to put a cookie sheet underneath it and that is why she’s a mom. Still cooking

UPDATE 3: Omg it’s the most delicious thing ever. Worth it.


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