Monthly Archives: January 2013



Oops….with the holidays and traveling and visiting, I completely forgot about this blog because I’m a terrible blogger. Haha. I still cook, but I’ve definitely lost steam as far as cooking and blogging about it goes. And honestly, aren’t blogs supposed to change direction after a while anyway?

So like everyone else in the world I made 2013 resolutions. Except I only made one really, and it is an all encompassing goal: Better myself physically, financially, and spiritually. I think I may change the direction of this blog to focus more on this goal this year and how I am going to achieve my goal. Right now, I have the flu so I haven’t been working out, spending money, or doing much of anything because I’ve been in my house all year.

Any diet tips (I do NOT want to do a fad diet, but am following healthier food habits : no sodas, no fried food, etc.), work out tips, or money tips would be appreciated! In the meantime, I’ll be recovering at home pinning workout routines and healthy recipes until my airways are clear again and I can breathe enough to run again.

Happy 2013!